Havillah is built on consistent growth and real-time innovation that has made it thrive since its inception in 2014.

The need of a credible and trusted brand was an opportunity to provide new and completely different approach on waste management and recycling services.  

We have adopted the on-site facility model to closely provide professional standards and in-depth knowledge and understanding of local and international waste management and recycling expertises to corporates, communities, learning institutions as well as residential.

This in-depth of experience acquired from the cleanest country in the world has given us a deep rooted understanding of the industry that enables us to precisely tailor our services to the specifications of individual requirements.

We provide a comprehensive, innovative range of waste management and recycling services that go far beyond simply taking your rubbish away minimizing environmental footprints.

Our processes  all conform to high standards, and integrated software guarantees accuracy , efficiency and an instant crosscheck capability with every specifications.

We have on-site bailing and shredding machinery and workforce of highly trained professional, all working under purpose-built the team enable us to add value to waste collected on-site.

In addition we are using our on-site facilities to integrate local waste workers, unprofessional recyclers, residentials to a tailor waste management program that impact, touch and change their lives  together with environment.


  • To change the perception of waste
  • To provide waste management solutions reducing the environmental blueprint for a clean Kenya and world
  • Waste is value
  • Impacting lives and environment through waste management and recycling.
  • To be the solution for your waste with purpose.


  • To deliver treasure of quality services
  • To be long-term partner of impacting lives, environment and waste management

Meet Our Team



Samuel has 6+ years’ experience in recycling and waste management and purchasing and supplies management. Prior to founding Havillah Smart Solutions, he worked with a company that deals with recycling of plastic materials, turning them into pallets for re-use



Muthoni has 8+ years’ experience in strategic communication, media relations and brand PR Business gained from working for the government of Kenya, NGO’s and the private sector. She has worked with brands like Google, BlackBerry, Chase Bank, NSE and in the oil and gas sector for Tullow Oil and Africa oil as well as Base Titanium.



Elijah has 5+ years experience in environmental issues and climate change. He also has experience in environmental research, recycling and geo mapping.