Our Objetives

  • Impacting recycling culture to our kids
  • Archiving a cleaner and greener Environment
  • Creating Ample and admirable state for our school and making learning fun and enjoyable
  • Exposer of our kids to the purpose for recycling and Environment conservation
  • Getting our children to convey the campaign message of source{home} segregation
  • Successful recycling and Environment conservation can be archived through training of school going children.

Our Activities

schools beautification – chuo smart

  • Schools landscaping
  • Tree planting
  • Admirable school surrounding

Green perimeter wall

Tree planting and playing field landscaping

Recycling activities

  • Training lessons
  • Practical engagements
  • Games
  • Drills and competitions
  • Structured process to bring recyclables to school


Recycling and conservation programmes for our schools

  • Clean and green schools
  • Recycling activities
  • Environment conservation activities & programmes
  • Let us be the hummingbird for our schools

Recycling cycle

Conservation activities, programmes

  • Class training on conservation
  • Visit conserved areas
  • Onboarding of conserving bodies


  • Schools face-lift
  • Children exposure
  • fun and enjoyable school

Sponsoring learning accessory

Painting of class rooms

Community based activities

  • Church environment conservation awareness
  • Clean-up days
  • Awareness walks
  • Awareness games